Lolita Aesthetic Harajuku Style Guide

Lolita Aesthetic Harajuku Style Guide - this can be a sweet puppet, vanilla look, including things of pastel colors, socks, hair clips, ruffles, and maybe just a print from your favorite anime cartoon. 

Anime T-shirt Sailor Moon 

anime t-shirts sailor moon

Anime T-shirt Japanese Girl

anime t-shirt japanese girl

 Lolita style can be in pink pastel color, and Gothic Lolita in contrast in black, demonic, vampire.


Lolita Japanese T-shirt Style Harajuku

items style harajuku


2020 T-shirt 2 Pieces Comics Harajuku

Attention to accessories, in the Lolita style is hair, cosmetics, glasses, handbags and shoes, a backpack


Short Heat Resistant Wavy Wig

wig end glasses




Japanese Spiral Notebook Unicorn

and even a case on the phone.


Case for iPhone Quicksand Sailor Moon

case for iPhone

 You can find more anime items in our catalog anime style Harajuku.



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